Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tool #4: Moving Up to the Clouds

taken from Google website

1. I have used Google docs before so I was somewhat familiar. I am happy that the format is pretty user friendly. It reminds me a lot of Word so it was easy to create a table, etc.  Although I teach Geography, I also am the head girls soccer coach. And while I can use this in the classroom, it is also helpful for my coaching responsibilities. I used Google documents to make my varsity soccer roster/information sheet. It is an easy way to share the information with my assistants and allow them to add/change things as needed without sending attachment after attachment. It also makes it easy to access from anywhere. I can see limitless opportunities to use this from personal to profession situations.

2. I shared a quiz with my geography team members. South Asia Quiz

3. I can use Google Apps with my WG team as we share documents instead of e-mailing and making multiple hard copies.we can also make correct corrects and revisions of each others assignments instead of having to email them and wait for them to change it, etc. I can definitely use the forms for a quick assessment of my students knowledge. I can also have them use it in the classroom by providing the link for my students to go to respond to a classroom activity or reading. I can also incorporate the form function to introduce a new region and peak their interest and raise their concerns. It seems like students feel like it is more "official" when they fill out a form online rather than a paper packet. I am excited about using all of these tools with the students As Google Apps gains momentum, I won't have to teach the kids how to access it, which cuts into the time of actually doing the project. Because this is fairly new, many of the students do not even know how to log in to their accounts.

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