Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tool #1-Starting the Blog and making my Avatar

I found the Tool #1 experience easy up to this point.Creating a blog and a voki were not that difficult. And, I do see the merit in having a blog for your class. Although, I think many of the same things can be done on your school website. I also think my problem with blogs is the same thing I struggled with every single time I started a diary when I was little. I start out with good intentions but simply can't find the time to keep it up so I end up with one or two entries.

As for doing the 11 Tools, I hate that we keep getting reminded that we need to do them.I know!! But right now, I am starting soccer season and between that, preparing my class for the STAAR test in World Geography (in May), and taking care of my 9 month-old during baseball season (as my husband is a baseball coach)...this teacher is VERY swamped.

And so, I WILL have my 11 Tools done by March 19. I just might do the next 10 until Spring Break. I hope you understand. Thanks  :)


  1. I knew you were going to feel rushed when I reminded you - RELAX. You've got this. You had to do Tool One to be put on the wiki and now you can work at your own pace. You're off to a great start - love your VOKI :)

  2. I hear you...nothing like a full plate, eh? You are young and will do great (besides, you have your beautiful son to come home to every day!)!